Total Contact Horse Saddle – Synthetic / Vegan


100% British Made.


The synthetic / vegan version Total Contact Saddle by Total Contact Equine Solutions. The Total Contact Horse Saddle is a new design of treeless horse saddle which allows the rider to gain higher levels of rapport with their horse and develop their technique. 

100% British Made. The synthetic / vegan TCS saddle is made from a textile microfibre fabric impregnated, and coated with polyurethane to give a finish that looks like leather, the saddle and girth straps are of the highest quality with a break strength of 453kg. Made by a Master Saddler and English stainless steel for the stirrup attachments and English metalwork D-rings.

The synthetic / vegan Total Contact Saddle is designed to put the rider in as direct a contact with the horse as possible but give them the security of having stirrups. To that end the parts of a traditional saddle that are not really needed – the tree, all that padding and even the cantle and pommel in many cases – was stripped away. The rider can now really feel the horse – often for the first time – and, as importantly, the horse can feel the rider. With this enhanced rapport between the two it’s possible to ride with minimum effort and aids, to understand how the horse is reacting and for the horse to understand the rider more. Of course this does mean that poor technique on the part of both does show up but that’s quickly put right and such things as rider crookedness, poor balance and ineffective aids are improved as the positive feedback loop between action and intention is clarified and both horse and rider learn from it. Some clients have reported their horse “goes better” in the TCS, “is more responsive”, “is more relaxed”, “moves easier through their shoulder and back” and riders typically take about 15 minutes to ‘forget that they’re riding in it” as they feel their horse breath, sigh, the back work and flex and really start to enjoy their horse.

The Total Contact Saddle is available in two types. One with shorter girth straps – for use with a standard length type girth – and one with longer straps – for use with a shorter / dressage length girth. You don’t need special girthing or stirrups. For welfare reasons the stirrup attachment is set lower down the horse’s side than a traditional English saddle so as to prevent ‘white marks’ and soreness. Each saddle is hand made from high quality leather by an English Master Saddler and uses English metal fittings.

The Total Contact Saddle is available in the following colours and types:

  • Black colour
  • Short Straps – To be used with a full length girth
  • Long Straps –  To be used with a shorter length / dressage style short length girth

Please Click Here For The Synthetic Webber Stirrup Leathers to be used with the TCS Saddle.

The Total Contact Saddle will fit a wide range of horse and pony types / shapes / ages and uses – with the Total Contact Saddle fitting each one and giving each a better rapport with their rider (and the rider with them!) and allowing the horses back to flex as it should and the shoulders to open in the stride as they are unrestricted by a framed saddle.

The Total Contact Saddle is used and endorsed by Urban Horse Rupert.


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