Sheath Cleaner – Animal Health Company – 500gms


A quick working, non-irritating sheath cleaner



Sheath Cleaner – Animal Health Company for Horses in a 500gms handy bottle.

This gentle cleansing sheath cleaner is a non-irritating gel and works quickly to clean the sensitive sheath as efficiently as possible.

  • A specially developed thick gel for cleaning stallion and gelding sheaths.
  • It is a gentle cleanser to soften, loosen and remove accumulated body oils and dirt from the sheath.
  • Softens and removes smegma, dirt and accumulated boy oils.
  • OzOil Sheath Cleaner is non irritating, an excellent skin conditioner and is easily rinsed.
  • The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree Oil makes it a perfect product for the job.

100% Natural. Made in the UK.   


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