The Perfect Saddle Fitting Kit


The perfect fit saddle fitting kit supplies you with everything you need to make sure your horse’s saddle fits perfectly



The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit is an essential item for any horse or pony owner. The kit includes a flexible curve measuring device, yellow marking chalk, template cards for the wither, cantle and along the back, a saddle fitting instructions booklet packed with essential information and a durable guide for you to take to the yard when following the instructions.

We all know saddle fitting can be any horse owners nightmare and this kit gives you the knowledge and confidence to decide if your horses saddle fits.

As well as helping you see if your current saddle fits, the kit will also enable you to see if your horse or saddle has changed shape over time. It is also useful for finding a new saddle as you can take the templates with you when saddle shopping and its useful for if you are selling your saddle as you can send the prospective buyers templates of your saddle which they can see against their horse.

The saddle fitting instructions booklet is packed with information including how to check your saddle fit and how to check your saddle for damage.

Horses weren’t designed to carry people so you need to ensure that your horses saddle fits perfectly to enable them to perform pain free to the best of their ability.

Its the best gift you could buy your horse!


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