Be Nice Halter Sizes

Be Nice Halter sizes


White Tag

XS 30 inches Weanling and Small Pony

Red Tag

S 32 inches Yearling and Large Pony

Green Tag

M 34 inches Arabian/Cob

Blue Tag

L 36 inches Average horse

Yellow Tag

XL 38 inches Large Horse

Orange Tag

XXL 40 inches Warmblood/Large Mule

Buff Tag

DS 42 inches Draft, Small
Buff Tag DL 44 inches Draft, Large


To determine the correct size, find the distance between the two points where the cheek knots will fall.  Measure the horse from the bottom of the cheek bone over the poll to the bottom of the opposite cheek bone, and then add three inches.  The measurement, increasing in 2 inch increments will correspond to sizes as follows: