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Best Friend Equine Supply created the Best Friend® Grazing Muzzle in 1997 and changed the way thousands care for their horses’ diet-related concerns such as laminitis and obesity. Best Friend® is the highest quality grazing muzzle on the market. Others have tried to imitate it, but no one has been able to duplicate it. We also sell other fine products such as our slip resistant Best Friend® Bareback Riding Pads.


Best Friend Equine Stockist UK

Charlies Products is the UK stockist of Best Friend Products. Since 1996 Best Friend Grazing Muzzles have been recommended by hundreds of vets, equine professionals, respected publications and horse owners.

Their horse muzzles have improved the lives of many horses (and owners) by allowing them to be horses and graze with their buddies rather than being confined to a stall. Best Friend Bareback Pads are top rated by The Horse Journal (a publication that does not accept advertising).

The most important feature is that it is slip resistant. The pads are contoured to fit and have high density foam which cushions in the right places.