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TRIED & TESTED  by Jackie Hudson
Natural Horse Magazine

The Best Friend Bareback Pad. This pad improves comfort, provides a barrier against dirt and

grease, as well as an easy grab handle for confidence. It is light and airy, improving back  comfort with additional wither protection

On first glance the pad looked very modern. It was a pale green colour, which was quite pretty, and had a soft spongy feel to the underside.

The first horse I tried it on had a narrow frame and high withers. He was an elderly horse and sitting on him bareback was not particularly comfortable. The pad sat well and both of us were happy to move comfortably.

I also put it on a wider backed horse and had no problems with that either. The pad fitted really well, and after half an hour in the arena it hadn’t slipped at all. I found it nice and comfortable to sit on and lightweight to carry. The girth was easy to fasten, an attractive design and made from soft but hard-wearing fabric. If different sized girths can be purchased, I would think it would sit on almost anything; a huge advantage if you have more than two horses of different sizes.

Unlike some other pads on the market, this one is shaped around the withers, and moulds to the shape of the horse without pressing. Although I haven’t cleaned it as yet, I imagine that a wipe-over with a damp cloth would be sufficient to keep it in good condition.

Compared with other bareback pads on the market, it is good value for money. My only slight concern would be that the material, especially the girth, might snag on brambles and branches if you are very adventurous in your riding, but for gentle hacking and arena work I would definitely recommend it.


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