Zilco S Hackamore Bitless Bridle Attachment


Easily converts your regular bridle to bitless.


A ‘S’ Hackamore by Zilco. A S Hackamore Bitless Bridle Attachment. Synthetic Beta Biothane Material with Waffle Padded Noseband in Black.   

The ‘S’ Hackamore works on pressure points on the face, nose and chin. The ‘S’ shaped cheek of this model helps to reduce the severity of the hackamore’s action when compared with the standard pattern. The cheek shape also allows easier, and therefore more comfortable, drinking and eating when bridled.

The ‘S’ Hackamore comprises of stainless steel shanks with padded, contoured PVC waffle nosepiece and synthetic chin strap.

Available in the following colour:

  • Black
  • One Size Fits All


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