Equilibrium Horse Fly Mask – Field Relief Max


It covers your horses entire face from ears to nose.

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Equilibrium Horse Fly Mask – Field Relief Max70% UV Protection. The difference is in the detail with this full-face UV fly mask. Every detail has been studied when it comes to creating this popular fly mask, to ensure it is not only effective against flies, but also comfortable for your horse to wear all day. Plus, it covers your horses entire face from ears to nose!

Every detail was thought of in the design of the Equilibrium Field Relief Max Full Face Fly Mask:

  • Soft padding at the brow and noseband prevents rubbing.
  • Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks ensure the perfect fit.
  • Soft stretch binding to prevent flies and insects getting in underneath the mask.
  • Eye darts to allow ample clearance of eyes and eyelashes.
  • Horse shaped ears.
  • Detachable nose piece.
  • 70% UV protection.
  • Colour = Grey with a Yellow Piping.
  • Selecting a size is simple, just simply choose your horses / ponies halter / headcollar size.

The mask is constructed from tough UV protective mesh, blocking out over 70% of harmful UV rays, whilst the rigidness of the mesh over the face allows it to sit away from the face and keep it structured. Comfort is key for when a horse is wearing a product for longer periods of time, so having adjustable fastenings and elasticated bindings allow for the mask to fit securely and not move and irritate your horse; as well as featuring a soft padding at the nose and brow. Equilibrium also investigated the little details to ensure maximum comfort, providing full protection from ears to nose. Therefore the ‘horse-shaped’ ears are generous for those who need a little more room; similarly if your horse is sensitive around his nose, the detachable nose piece allows for extra protection for those who are pinked skinned or more at risk to sun burn!

Other comfort features include:

  • Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks of the fly mask. This ensures the perfect fit and stops any nasty insects getting inside.
  • Soft sponge padding located on the nose and brow areas. This means that these areas, which sit close to the horse’s skin, are kept rub free.
  • Lastly, the Max Full Face Horse Fly Mask features strategically placed darts. These darts are positioned on the front of the mask and keep it clear of the eyes and eyelashes.


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