Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net – 2 x Pack


Designed for Horses who are sensitive to wind, pollen and flies and those who toss or shake their head when ridden.



2 x Pack of Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle NetsUnlike traditional nets that cover the whole muzzle, the Net Relief Muzzle Net’s contoured, shaped design covers only the top half of the muzzle. Once in place, it is unobtrusive, allows saliva to escape from the mouth freely and does not interfere with the horses breathing. It can always remain on the bridle and places no restriction on the type of bit or noseband used.

The Muzzle Net is designed to have a rough, but comfortable, thin mesh, which is contoured. The reason for the roughness, is that it theoretically provides relief by gently ‘scratching’ the horse’s nose. It is also the reason that 2 nets are included in your purchased pack, so that once the roughness has worn away, you can replace it with a new net. It also means the nose net needs to sit close to your horse’s muzzle. For this reason, the mesh is designed to be able to cut to length, so you can get the perfect fit and best effect for your horse.

While any horse can use the Equilibrium Muzzle Net, it is specifically designed for:

  • Horses who are sensitive to wind, pollen and flies.
  • Horses who toss or shake their head when ridden.
  • Available to fit a cavesson noseband.
  • To clean the Riding Mask, we recommend that you just rinse it regularly in lukewarm water. Do not wring or spin the material.
  • Colour = Black.


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