Nag Horse Ranch Full Face Shade / Fly Mask


Full face shade is made with 90% UV proof material and does not lay on the horses face proving to be very tolerable.  Our shades are recommended by Veterinarians for sun protection.

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Full face shade protects the eyes and doubles as a fly mask, with 90% UV protection. Nose shade flares away from the horse for ventalition and comfort and eye shade also holds its shape well so it does not rest on the horses face. Horses can graze and drink easily with their nag shade on.

The Nag Horse Ranch Full Face Eye / Nose Protection Shade / Fly Mask is available in the following sizes:

  • Mini A                                                         28″ to 34″
  • Mini B / Shetland                                   35″ to 44″
  • Pony                                                             11hh to 13hh 
  • Arabian / Small Cob / Horse               13.1hh to 14.2hh
  • Regular Horse                                           14.3hh to 16hh
  • Large Horse / Warmblood                   16.1hh to 18hh
  • Draft                                                           18hh +
  • Generally we suggest the sizes match your horses halter, bridle, or fly mask size

The Nag Horse Ranch Full Face Eye / Nose Protection Shade is available with the following features: 

  • Without Ears
  • Sheepskin lined
  • Beige in colour


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