Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar

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Can help to improve general happiness and condition and encourage overall wellbeing for your dog.


A Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar. The Bioflow magnetic dog collar contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet and the canvas finish is designed to be both comfortable and durable for your dog.

Please note: The product design may differ slightly from the image shown. These collars can be worn by microchipped dogs. These collars are not designed to be attached to a leash and an additional collar must be used for this purpose. The D-ring provided is to be used for an identity tag only.

Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar can help to improve the following and encourage overall wellbeing for your dog: (Please see additional images above!)

  • Arthritis
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Injuries and Wounds
  • Energy Levels and Vitality
  • Digestive Issues
  • General Happiness and Condition
  • Water resistant and designed to be able to use in most weather conditions
  • Not to be used with a flea collar as the treatment can rot the collar
  • Can be worn 24/7 but if not able to for 24 hours ideally recommended to be worn while your dog is sleeping

Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collars are available in the following sizes: Please measure around your dogs neck circumference in cms. 

  • Small – Up to 45cm (Width of collar = 1.6cm) 
  • Large – Up to 65cm (Width of collar = 2cm)

Instructions – Wrap the collar around your Dogs neck and adjust until comfortable, making sure the band is not too loose but at least 3 fingers gap so it means the larger circumference of the collar is in contact with your dogs neck. They should be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although ideally 24 hours a day.

WARNING: Not to be used by any dog with severe heart conditions and if so please consult your vet before use. Also do not attach a lead to the collar as this can result in the collar breaking.


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