Striphair Gentle Groomer – Dogs & Cats


A very useful Gentle Groomer  for all dogs & cats including the most sensitive of breeds.


The Dog & Cat StripHair Gentle Groomer. Easy to use coat conditioning and hair removal tool intended for all year long grooming. Ideal for all Dogs & Cats including the most sensitive of breeds.

The Dog & Cat StripHair Gentle Groomer can be used for the following:

  • Grooming – remove dust & mud everyday
  • Curry comb
  • Shine – distribute natural oils for beautiful shine
  • Shedding hair removal – remove loose hair during shedding season
  • Shampoo – lather shampoo and remove water on bath day
  • Massage – massage to improve performance and your relationship

The Dog & Cat StripHair Gentle Groomer is available in the following size:

  • Length = 22cm
  • Red in colour


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