Muzzle Mates


The Best Friend™ Muzzle Mates

Muzzle mates for tender noses




The Best Friend™ Muzzle Mates

These are very popular items.

Muzzle MatesTM provide spot cushioning on the noseband for tender-faced horses without the added the bulk of fleece. Neon colors make your muzzle easier to find should the breakaway/safety feature on your muzzle release in the pasture.

The Muzzle MateTM is made of absorbent 2-way stretch jersey fabric and attaches easily with Velcro straps. Attach with the straps to the inside (as shown in photo) for maximum visibility, or attach it with the straps to the outside to provide cushioning.

Available in:

  • Neon Yellow 
  • Sizes available are Large or Small


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