Bellota Razor Plus Hoof Rasp


For quick removal of hoof and has an excellent finish.


Bellota Razor Plus Rasp. For quick removal of hoof and has an excellent finish. A special rasp for the maintenance of horses hooves. The rasp side ensures full removal of material and this helps you do the work faster and more effectively. The file side has a coarse texture that gives a better finish on the hoof surface. The design prevents binding of the teeth.

  • Ideal everyday rasp for removing hoof quickly
  • Rasp with the rasp side finished with a sharp cut finish and the file side with a coarse finish
  • The rasp has a working width of 14” and 6 regular teeth per row
  • Blade material = chromium alloy steel

For the matching Equithotics Rasp Handle that easily pushes onto the rasp end please click here

Length: 430mm (14″ working surface)

Width: 45mm

Thickness: 5mm

Number of teeth per row: 6


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