Horse Hoof Meter Reader By Jamie Jackson


An Accurate And Useful Hoof Gauge!


A Horse Hoof Meter Reader by Jaime Jackson. The Worlds Most Accurate and Useful Hoof Gauge!

The hoof meter reader enables the user to compare a horses hoof measurements with data ranges documented by Jaime Jackson for wild horse hooves.

For use in conjunction with Creating The Perfect Hoof DVD – by Jamie Jackson

The Horse Hoof Meter Reader is designed for Horse Owners, Horse Trainers, Vets, Farriers and Barefoot Trimmers.

  • Reads every hoof easily
  • 2 Measurement dials – YELLOW dial measures the hooves and WHITE dial is scaled in both metric and US units
  • Measurements are calibrated to wild horse data gathered by Jaime Jackson
  • Know when your horses hoof measurements are in the natural and healthy ranges or are unnatural and heading towards lameness
  • Indispensable hoof gauge for conducting the natural trim

An essential tool for all for all horse lovers and barefoot farriers / trimmers!


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