Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge


Made especially for those interested in fitting Scoot Hoof Boots.

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Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge by Enlightened Equine Products. 

Reduce hoof measuring time – and therefore hoof boot fitting time – to seconds, and any frustration time to zero!

Why struggle trying to use tape measures or trace hooves to figure out the proper hoof boot size for your horse? With this handy measuring device, anyone can quickly and easily measure hoof length and width to the mm, including allowance for the “mustang roll” often found on barefoot horses. Machined from high-density polyethylene and acrylic, the measuring scale is laser-engraved for long life and accurate measurements. Includes access to the Enlightened Equine Products Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator app to quickly determine the best hoof boot choices among leading manufacturer models. Made in the USA.

  • The Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge is designed for Farriers, Barefoot Trimmers, Vets and Barefoot Horse Owners. 
  • An optional Hairline Angle Gauge is available. The Hairline Angle Gauge is made especially for those interested in fitting Scoot Hoof Boots. The Hairline Angle Gauge is machined from acrylic and then laser engraved for quick, accurate confirmation of the hairline angle. Used in conjunction with the Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge will give you an accurate fit for Scoot Hoof Boots. (please click on the additional images tab to view the Hairline Angle Gauge).
  • The Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge is white in colour.

An essential tool for all for all horse lovers and barefoot farriers / trimmers!


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