Bradur Bosal Nosepiece


Simply attaches to most western style headpieces.


Bradur Bosal Nosepiece by FRA. The Bradur Bosal Nosepiece simply attaches to most western style headpieces. It works with mild pressure being applied to the nose area when there is slight tension applied through the rein.

The Bradur Bosal Nosepiece is beautiful quality and very durable.

The Bradur Bosal Nosepiece features are as follows:

  • Bradur bosal shaped nosepiece
  • The bosal nose area is made from rawhide
  • Instant release of contact
  • Bosal aids in precise communication

The Bradur Bosal Nosepiece is available in the following size:

  • Pony / Small – fits most 13hh up to 14hh – Bradur bosal shaped nosepiece = 32cm inner circumference approx.
  • Cob / Medium – fits most 14.1hh up to 15.1hh – Bradur bosal shaped nosepiece = 35cm inner circumference approx.
  • Full / Large – fits most 15.2hh upwards – Bradur bosal shaped nosepiece = 38cm inner circumference approx.


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