Marjoman Kapsun Straightness Training Leather Lunge Cavesson


Specifically designed to enable you to train / lunge your horse.


A Marjoman Kapsun Leather Horse Lunge Cavesson / Horse Straightness Training Cavesson for Aiding in Training / Lunging  / Riding Horses and Ponies. 

This beautifully made Leather Horse Cavesson is ergonomically designed to shape to your horses head comfortably without twisting to ensure an optimal fit. The throat latch strap is lowered to stop the cheek pieces being able to twist so they never get in your horses eyes. The Leather Training Cavesson has 3 metal moveable rings on the nose and side rings as well to aid in changing reins easily. Can be used as a bitless bridle or by choosing the bit attachments in the drop down options above a bit can easily be added. It contains a metal link within the top of the noseband to reinforce the supple leather but remains incredibly soft so your horse will still be very comfortable when wearing.

The Leather Horse Training Cavesson has been specifically designed to enable you to train / lunge your horse. To encourage suppleness without disturbing your horses mouth and to assist when working with your horse from the ground or during ridden work too.

The Leather Training Cavesson is ideal for the following:

  • During Training With Your Horse
  • Lunging
  • Groundwork / Working In Hand
  • Riding / Bitless Riding
  • Straightness Training

The Leather Training Cavesson is available in the following sizes: There are 5cm either side of the below measurements to punch more holes in the leather noseband and headpiece!

50CM TO 58CM
70CM TO 90CM
60CM TO 68CM
80CM TO 100CM
64CM TO 73CM
94CM TO 114CM

The Leather Training Cavesson is available in the following colours:

  • Black – With Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Brown – With Brass Buckles (Not Dark Havanna but Lighter Brown) 

The Leather Training Cavesson is Made from the Finest Quality Materials but Affordable!


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