Thinline Seat Saver


Lets riders enjoy a shock absorbing performance when riding. 


ThinLine Seat Saver’s are perfect for all horse riders with back pain, sitting fractures and riders spending many hours in the saddle. The ThinLine Seat Saver lets riders enjoy a shock absorbing performance when riding. 

You will find yourself sitting closer and quieter, giving you more time to adjust your aids. Seat Savers are the thinnest of all ThinLine products, you will forget it is there until you take it off. It is a fantastic way to see for yourself how so little can do so much, for both you and your horse.

  • For All Purpose (English GP Saddles), Dressage and Western Saddles.
  • Outstanding comfort for all of your rides.
  • Improves equitation by quieting the seat.
  • Breathable.
  • Incredibly thin.
  • Non-slip.
  • Superior shock absorption.

Will fit most 16″ to 18 1/2″ saddles and there are 3 styles to choose from depending upon the type of saddle you ride in. The style and sizing details of the ThinLine Seat Saver’s are as follows:

  • All Purpose Seat Saver – fits most English GP saddles (18.75″ long from pommel to cantle, 12.75″ across the seat).
  • Dressage Seat Saver – fits most Dressage saddles (19.5″ long from pommel to cantle, 14″ across the seat).
  • Western Seat Saver –  fits most Western saddles (16 3/4″ long from pommel to cantle, 15″ across the seat).

The ThinLine Seatbone Savers are ideal for competition and everyday horse riding for added comfort when horse riding!


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