Waldhausen Horse Shipping / Trailer Loading Aid


Can help in loading your horse into the trailer or lorry.


A Waldhausen Horse Shipping / Trailer Loading Aid. Ideal help for loading and shipping with two hand loops.

The Waldhausen Loading Training Aid fits around the base of your horse’s rear, across the top of their back, and along their sides in order to stop negative movement when trying to load into a trailer or lorry. It discourages your horse from moving sideways or backwards, ensuring they see the only way to move is forwards into the trailer / lorry.

  • This simple tool can help in loading your horse onto the trailer or lorry.
  • Perfect for travelling by yourself or in the case of a tricky loader.
  • By putting gentle even pressure on the rear of the horse, it will encourage them forward.
  • Long soft rope with 2 hand loops on each end.


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