Zilco Insulated Endurance Combo Saddle Bag


Help keeps food and drinks cold.


A Zilco Insulated Horse Endurance Combo Saddle Bag. Black with Green Trim in Colour.

The Zilco Insulated Combo Horse Saddle Bag help keeps food and drinks cold. The side bags have a zip to the front with a toggle to make it easier to open whilst wearing riding gloves. They also have an insert to help them keep their shape and prevent squashing of your sandwiches. The middle bag of this Zilco insulated combo bag also easily fits a change of clothes.

The saddle bags are all padded where it touches your horse to make it more comfortable. They are really lightweight – only 600g when empty so will be less strain for your horse leaving more stamina for riding. Four Dee rings make it easy to securely fix to your saddle.

  • Sizing of Each Pocket = Side Pockets Each = 24cm width x 22cm height AND Top Pocket = 38cm width x 12cm height
  • Please note fixing straps are not supplied. Something as simple as shoe laces can be used to securely attach to your saddle

Zilco Insulated Horse Endurance Combo Saddle Bags are hardwearing and lightweight – a must have for any marathon / endurance / everyday horse riders.


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