Botanica Anti-Itch Sweet Itch Cream 550ml


Soothes and moisturise skin conditions such as Sweet Itch.



Botanica Natural Anti Itch Cream. The Botanica Anti Itch Cream is available in a 550ml Tub. Can be used on Horses and All Animals.

The Botanica Natural Anti Itch Cream is a completely natural way to soothe and moisturise skin conditions such as Sweet Itch. It can also prevent itching with an in built natural insect repellent . A unique blend of herbal properties acts quickly to calm the discomfort of itchiness whilst moisturising the skin too!

If the animal is already itching, the Botanica Anti Itch Cream will give instant relief.


Instructions for how to apply the Botanica Anti Itch Cream to Horses to aid Sweet Itch from Botanica the manufacturer:

Dependent upon every horse and how severe the horses Sweet Itch is. This 550ml tub of Botanica Anti Itch Cream is a 3 WEEKS APPLICATION / ONE YEARS PROTECTION

1.     Dilute Botanica Cleansing Wash –  4 capfuls per litre of warm water. (The Botanica Cleansing Wash can be made stronger for more extreme cases).

2.     Clean the affected area thoroughly, removing dry and dead skin.

3.     Leave the Botanica Cleansing Wash to soak into the skin for three to five minutes as the wash itself has many beneficial properties.

4.     Do not rinse the Botanica Cleansing Wash off

5.     Apply the Botanica Anti-Itch cream to the affected area massaging well in. Repeat again after five minutes. The animal should receive this care once per day, for the first five days. (Always use the wash first and then apply the cream.)

6.     The second week, the Botanica Anti-Itch Care is applied every second day.

7.     Repeat the application again for one week in mid to late July as August is a critical month for Sweet-Itch. 


Botanica Anti Itch Cream ingredients are as follows:

  • Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Lavender, Comfrey Oil, Moisturising Base Cream

A totally natural product that really works and is used and endorsed by various Eventers, Show Jumpers and Horse Trainers.


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