EchoHoof Pink Hoof Clay


Acts as a barrier whilst also being an antibacterial clay.



Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay in a 250g or 500g pot. Ecohoof pink hoof clay is a totally natural and eco friendly product containing essential oils and bentonite clay. Treats many skin and hoof problems. Can be applied to the hoof, sole, white line area, frog and many other skin areas. Ideal for Field or Stable Kept Horses.

Ecohoof pink hoof clay acts as a barrier whilst also being an antibacterial clay. It helps to keep hooves and skin healthy.

Ecohoof pink hoof clay is particularly helpful in the treatment of the following:

  • White line separation
  • Frog clefts
  • External cracks
  • Thrush
  • Ideal for Field or Stable Kept Horses

Available in the following sizes:

  • 250g 
  • 500g

Ecohoof pink hoof clay contains the following Ingredients:

  • Essential oils 
  • Bentonite clay

A product that is totally natural and really works!


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