Eqwax Neem Wonder Oil 400ml Bottle


Helps to protect your horse’s from muddy conditions. It creates a waterproof barrier to prevent mud reaching the skin.



EqWax Neem Wonder Oil in a 400ml Bottle. The EqWax Neem Wonder Oil protects your horse’s legs from muddy conditions it creates a waterproof barrier to prevent mud reaching the skin. A blend of raw Neem and a natural carrier oil, which ensures the Neem is applied at the correct dilution.

  • Winter mud and wet conditions can cause your horse’s legs to become vulnerable to bacteria and fungus. With this in mind we have designed our Neem Mud Repellent Oil to help protect your horse’s legs this winter.
  • For use on irritations in feathers, mane and tail.
  • To aid in the management of mite and midge related issues.
  • Unlike pure Neem oil, EqWax ‘Wonder Oil’ stays liquid and doesn’t solidify, so can be applied easily through the feathers of cobs and native ponies without the need to trim or clip them.
  • Specially designed “twist spout” allows easy application in areas of long hair, such as manes and feathers.
  • Also contains a little Lemongrass for a nicer smell and for additional fly repelling properties.
  • The Neem Mud Repellent Oil forms a waterproof barrier to help prevent mud reaching the skin. It contains a high percentage of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial Neem Oil in a natural carrier oil base. Apply to dry clean legs using a cloth.
  • Sticks to Legs, so Mud Won’t.

100% Natural. Beautifully Handmade in the UK.


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