Carrot Stick String


Carrot Stick String


Carrot Stick String

A Natural Horsemanship Universal String Training Line. A Parelli Style 1.8m / 6ft Universal String Made from Strong Rope Identical to the Halter. Leather Popper at one End and a Loop at the other. The Universal String is Ideal for Various Applications During Natural Horsemanship / Parelli Training. 

  • Designed to tie on the end of the Communication / Carrot Stick – extends it by 12ft!
  • Plus various other uses! 

This natural horsemanship string is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following size:

  • 1.8m / 6ft

This natural horsemanship string is available in the following colour:

  • Black

Natural Horsemanship String – Made from the Finest Quality Materials but Affordable!


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