Idolo Tether Tie with Easyclip


Lightweight Tether Tie by Idolo.

Lightweight, user friendly and affordable.


An Idolo Horse Tether Tie with an Easyclip. The brilliant Idolo Tether Tie pressure and release system was invented by skilled horseman Roy French. It teaches an untamed or nervous horse to tie in a relaxed and safe manner. This is achieved by a horses freedom of movement to pull back out of danger, yet still be safely secured.

Why use the Tether Tie by Idolo

– Works through friction
– Replaces balertwine
– Clear pressure & release teaching
– Relaxes and calms
– Helps prevent serious neck injury
– Provides safer environment
– Reduces head-collar breakages
– Training to desensitize & sensitize
– Used with horse-walkers
– Aids clipping horses
– Farriers
– Horse always connected


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