Idolo Tether Tie (with clip)


Lightweight Tether Tie by Idolo.

Lightweight, user friendly and affordable.

Lightweight Tether Tie from Idolo – Instructions



The brilliant Idolo Tether Tie pressure and release system was invented by skilled horseman Roy French. It teaches an untamed or nervous horse to tie in a relaxed and safe manner. This is achieved by a horses freedom of movement to pull back out of danger, yet still be safely secured.

Why use the Tether Tie by Idolo

  • – Works through friction
    – Replaces balertwine
    – Clear pressure & release teaching
    – Relaxes and calms
    – Helps prevent serious neck injury
    – Provides safer environment
    – Reduces head-collar breakages
    – Training to desensitize & sensitize
    – Used with horse-walkers
    – Aids clipping horses
    – Farriers
    – Horse always connected


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