Join-Up With The Farrier Hoof Kit – Hoof Trimming DVD



Join-Up With The Farrier Hoof Kit by Ada Gates. This kit is a must have tool to ensure the hoof is consistently trimmed and balanced correctly. The Patton Hoof Kit was designed by Monty’s favourite farrier, Ada Gates, to demystify the trimming process and work with your farrier as a team by relying on numbers, not opinions.

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Article on hoof care with detailed instructions for balanced trimming
  • 1 x How-to DVD
  • 1 x Patton hoof ruler
  • 1 x Marker pen

It will help you:

  • Rely on numbers and measurement to create a road map for your horse’s hoof care
  • Achieve equal weight distribution in the foot by finding the center of the foot
  • Define the four equal quadrants on the bottom of the hoof to produce an accurate, balanced trim
  • Learn from the step-by-step DVD with Monty Roberts and Ada Gates Patton
  • Just as Monty does Join-Up with horses and people, you can Join-Up with your farrier in providing hoof care for your horse.

There are so many opinions on what’s best for the horse’s hoof in magazines and from vets, farriers, clinicians and trainers. Whom do you believe? To settle differences in opinions, Ada Gates proposes a safe, measurable, efficient and consistent way to look at the hoof together and establish a scientific process of assessing the needs of your horse.

Ada’s Hoof Ruler Kit gives you a road map for assessing the feet, creating a balanced hoof, explaining what that means, and defining how to achieve it every time. The kit will teach you how to assess the horse’s feet, read the measurements, set a goal for your horse’s feet and attain that goal. A goal of balance. This is an invaluable tool that you can put to good use in an effort to get the best hoof care for your horse and Join-Up with your farrier.

Essential watching for all horse lovers and barefoot farriers / trimmers!


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