Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Hay Ball


Stuff with hay, apples, carrots and more.


Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Hay Ball – 8 inch diameter and blue in colour. Really easy to fill. 

Simply stuff with hay and hang for your horse, pony, goat or other livestock for a mentally stimulating way to feed or treat. The smaller holes can be stuffed with apple chunks, carrots, or other favorites for extra enticement.

  • Keep your horse or pony entertained. Ideal for calming during farrier, barefoot trimmer or vet visits.
  • Great for horses and ponies of all ages and a really fun way to exercise your horse and relieve boredom.
  • Easy to use and great value too.
  • Stuff with hay, apples, carrots and more.
  • Dimensions = 8 inches.


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