Back on Track “Spirit” Calming Mask with Ears


Can help alleviate stress and bring ease to an apprehensive horse.


A Back on Track “Spirit” Calming Mask with Ears. The Back on Track “Spirit” Soothing Hood / Calming Mask with Ears is an elegant horse mask that moulds to the horses head. Used for its calming effect, it can help alleviate stress and bring ease to an apprehensive horse.

  • This horse calming mask is both easy to use and stylish in appearance, with neatly made openings for the eyes and a black wing emblem embroidery adorning the bridge of the nose.
  • All seams are elastic for maximum comfort and a perfect fit.
  • Closes under the jaw by means of two hook and loop straps.
  • The “Spirit” Mask is made from two layers of highly elastic, sleek fabric, with one layer making up the ears.
  • Thanks to the elasticity and flexibility of the material, it will fit most horses.
  • The fabric contains Welltex®️, a textile technology known for its therapeutic properties.
  • The effect of Welltex®️ may stimulate blood flow and help relieve tension in the horses facial muscles.
  • Can help alleviate stress.

The Back on Track “Spirit” Calming Mask with Ears is available in the following sizes:

  • Medium / Cob
  • Large / Full
  • Black in colour

Machine Washable up to 30 degrees C. DO NOT tumble dry.

Welltex – Material – How it works:

Ceramic powder is melted into the fibres of the fabric. The Welltex – Material TM Reflects body heat in the form of infra red heat, an energy form known to increase well-being.

Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury. Worn next to the skin it can deliver a comforting and therefore relaxing sensation making it really popular among most horses.


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