Back On Track Bed Sheet


The Bed Sheet is an affordable way to help keep your aches and pains at bay.


A Back on Track Therapy Bed Sheet. The Back on Track Bed Sheet is great for keeping you comfortable and warm.

You will benefit from the Welltex effects whilst sleeping to give you a better more comfortable nights sleep. The Bed Sheet is an affordable way to help keep your aches and pains at bay and many people who use the Bed Sheet have found a better, deeper sleep and feel less stiff in the morning. It can be used as a normal Bed Sheet with any kind of mattress and you can even take it with you when you go away.

The Bed Sheet can be used with the Back On Track Pillow Case and Back On Track Mattress Overlay and because it is in direct contact with your skin you will experience the full impact of this revolutionary infra-red Welltex material. 

The Back on Track Bed Sheet is available in the following size:

  • 150 x 260cm
  • Beige or Navy in Colour
Machine Washable up to 30 degrees C. DO NOT tumble dry.

Welltex – Material – How it works:

Ceramic powder is melted into the fibres of the fabric. The Welltex – Material TM Reflects body heat in the form of infra red heat, an energy form known to increase well-being.

Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury. Worn next to the skin it can deliver a comforting and therefore relaxing sensation.


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