Cashel Crusader Leg Guards


Cashel Crusader Leg Guards
Eliminate photosensitivity problems with these durable leg wraps.
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Made with the same material as your favorite Crusader® pasture fly mask, these durable mesh leg wraps eliminate sun and photosensitivity and prevent flies from biting the lower leg and pastern area, reducing insect induced stress and the stomping that damages hooves, bones and soft tissue.

Contoured to fit, these Leg Guards incorporate a plastic stay that prevents sagging while soft vinyl trim eliminates burr and grass seed problems experienced by fleece lined leg wraps.

The only leg wrap with elastic sewn to the Velcro closures, the Crusader® Leg Guards provide an adjustable yet nonbinding fit.
– Colour: Grey mesh with grey trim
– Sold in sets of 2


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