Back On Track Mens Polo Neck Sweater


An excellent choice for problems in the shoulders, arms and back.


Back on Track Mens Long Sleeve Therapy Polo Neck Sweater. Made with Welltex material / fabric which has infrared healing properties. Black in Colour.

The Back on Track Mens Polo Neck Long Sleeve Sweater is an excellent choice for problems in the shoulders, arms and back. The sweater also covers problem areas such as lower back, hips, wrists and elbows. It is so comfortable to wear whilst looking stylish and modern. This Mens Polo Neck Sweater can be used as thermal underwear in winter or year round to help with pain relief or physical activity.

Mens Polo Neck Sweater available in the following sizes: Please note the below sizes are an approximate guide.

XS  90 to 94cm  90 to 94cm  51cm  47cm  67cm
SMALL  95 to 99cm  95 to 99cm  52cm  49cm  68cm
MEDIUM  100 to 104cm  100 to 104cm  53cm  51cm  69cm
LARGE  105 to 109cm  105 to 109cm  54cm  53cm  70cm
XL  110 to 114cm  110 to 114cm  55cm  55cm  71cm
XXL  115 to 119cm  115 to 119cm  56cm  57cm  72cm
XXXL  120 TO 124cm  120 to 124cm  58cm  58cm  73cm
A: Chest circumference
B: Hip circumference
C: Arm length
D: Armhole circumference
E: Shirt length

Machine Washable up to 30 degrees C. DO NOT tumble dry.

Welltex – Material – How it works:

Ceramic powder is melted into the fibres of the fabric. The Welltex – Material TM Reflects body heat in the form of infra red heat, an energy form known to increase well-being.

Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury. Worn next to the skin it can deliver a comforting and therefore relaxing sensation making it really popular.


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