Mnetic-Band 360° Therapeutic Magnetised Band


Can be used on Humans, Horses or Dogs.


A Mnetic-Band 360° Therapeutic Magnetised Band. Can be used on Humans, Horses or Dogs.

An easy to apply, comfortable therapeutic strap that, unlike individual magnets, encompasses a multiple pole, magnetised tape. That system provides a continuous 360° gyratory, low frequency magnetic field, the influence of which is, when worn, designed to aid in alleviating several conditions/ailments and to promote overall wellbeing. Suitable for Humans, Horses, Dogs Cats, Rabbits, etc. Individual sizes, detailed below. Easy to apply 25mm wide polyester and hook and loop fastening band that contains a multiple pole, 360 degree magnetic field. This magnetic band may provide relief with mobility, pain relief as well as increased energy.

The Mnetic-Band may provide help with the following:

  • Improved mobility
  • Pain relief
  • More energy
  • Improved well-being

1 x Mnetic-Band 360° Therapeutic Magnetised Band supplied in the following sizes:

  • Small =     25cm 
  • Medium = 37cm 
  • Large =     54cm
  • XL =          70cm
  • Black in colour and 25mm thick
  • Human Wrist, Arm or Ankle Bands (suggestions: sizes Small or Medium) x 1 band required for Humans
  • Equine Fetlock Bands (suggestions: sizes Medium or Large) x 2 bands are required for Horses
  • Canine Neck Bands (suggestions: sizes Small, Medium, Large or XL) 

Humans – Place the band around the wrist or ankle. For the ankle a large size may be needed. Remove when bathing / showering. Can be used 24 / 7.

Horses – 2 x bands are needed per horse. Place a band around each pastern. For turn out, place above fetlocks or above the knees (not too tight) Remove bands if wet to avoid any potential rubbing. Can be worn 24 /7 in the stable but remove daily to check for an debris. Any effect may take from 24 hours up to 6 weeks.

Dogs – Place the band around the neck. The band does not need to be tight. Can be worn 24 / 7. This is not a collar, so do not lead the dog from it. Any benefits can take from 48 hours to 6 weeks.

Please follow the instructions CAREFULLY:

  • Not to be used if there are known heart conditions, or pacemaker fitted.
  • Not to be used with an internal insulin pump.
  • Not to be used during pregnancy.
  • It is advised that Diabetics should consult their GP, prior to use (as per UK health guidelines).

Washing instructions: Hand wash or machine wast at 30c. Remove the magnetised strip before washing by lifting the small velcro tab under the main hook strap and sliding it out. Replace the strip with the brown face away from the Velcro, or with the brown face towards the skin.


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