Spare Buckle for Best Friend Muzzles


Spare Buckles for The Best Friend™ Muzzles


A Best Friend Muzzle Spare Buckle and Strap. This spare buckle and strap easily attaches to any Best Friend Muzzle

A replacement Buckle for the Best Friend Muzzle is a plastic buckle with a loop of webbing attached to the female side of the buckle. You can easily attach this replacement without sewing by folding the loop over the metal ring and inserting the plastic buckle through the loop. The male side of the buckle is also included and is attached by re-threading the webbing in the crown piece.

  • 1 x Spare Buckle and Strap Supplied – Enough to repair 1 x Best Friend Muzzle

Please note that both parts come complete with the buckle, not the single end as shown on the picture.



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