6ft Lightweight Horsemanship Training Rope


Training Rope 6ft


6ft Lightweight Horsemanship Training Rope / Lead Rope. The 6ft really lightweight training rope is made from high quality yachting braid that is smooth, flexible and resistant to sweat. The rope is ideal for close training your horse without the weight of heavier ropes.  

Natural Horsemanship Ropes are easy to use, fabulous quality and excellent value for money!

This natural horsemanship rope is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following sizes:

  • Approx 6ft long and 13mm thick.

This natural horsemanship rope is available in the following colours: (Please see additional images!)

  • White with a sturdy brass double ended trigger clip and a leather cracker on the end. The clip can be removed easily if needed.


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