Classic Leather Hybrid Horse Halter


Use one halter for training, trailering, farrier work, leading in and out of the stall… you name it!


A Classic Leather Hybrid Horse Halter for Training Horses and Ponies. Handmade from High Quality Leather and Yachting Rope in the USA. Black or Brown Leather and Available in Various Sizes.

Handmade entirely in the United States and simply fabulous quality.

Can your halter do it all?

The PATENTED Horse Education Classic Leather HYBRIDHalter® can. It is a direct combination of the traditional flat leather halter and the natural horseman’s rope halter, with the addition of a signature 180° sliding ring and noseband knots to allow for the precise application of pressure and leverage – resulting in unbeatable lightness in the halter without the use of a stud chain.
  • Clear signal
  • Superior control
  • Eliminates head torque
  • Safer than a rope halter
  • Built-in lungeing caveson
  • Fits in in every environment, from the dressage ring to the natural horsemanship clinic
  • Yearling to draft sizes
Use one halter for training, trailering, farrier work, leading in and out of the stall… you name it! You can cross tie in the Hybrid, you can do ground training in it. You can take it on and off like a bridle without undoing any knots or buckling any buckles simply by undoing the throat latch snap and sliding it over your horse’s ears like you would any bridle. The HYBRIDHalter® can also be used as a bitless hackamore for riding: attach snap end reins to either the D’s of the halter, or to the 180 degree slide ring, based on your individual preference.

The Classic Leather Hybrid Halter features are as follows:
  • High quality leather and handmade in the USA
  • Solid brass hardware with a no-rust promise
  • Premium yacht rope under carriage for enhanced control
  • Made in the USA guarantee
  • Makes pressure easier for the horse to understand
  • Safer than a rope halter and won’t torque the head
  • Offers the convenience of one halter for all uses
  • Leather poll will not dig into the horse’s sensitive poll or lead to any poll sensitivity, making the HYBRID suitable for trailering and tying. It will not tighten in case of pull back  
  • Rope undercarriage gives maximum control
  • 180 degree slide ring gives leverage and control of the nose without force or a stud chain. Also works as a built-in lungeing caveson which allows the horse to travel naturally without torqueing his head
  • Leather cheek creates stability and canvas for personalization
  • Pressure knots on nose encourage lightness
  • Solid brass d rings allow cross-tying or can be used for riding by adding snap and reins
  • Near side throat latch snap allows the HYBRID to be taken on and off like a bridle with no buckling or knot tying

This Classic Leather Hybrid Halter is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following sizes: Please see the size chart below.

  • Mini – Miniature Shetlands
  • Yearling – Yearling Horses, Larger Shetlands and Smaller Ponies
  • Small – Pony / Smaller Arab             
  • Average – Cob / Larger Arab / Small Horse / Horses under 15’2hh         
  • Large – Horses over 15’2hh
  • Draft – Larger Horse / Warmblood

To Measure – Measure your horse or pony from the bottom of the cheek bone over the poll to the bottom of the opposite cheek bone and then add 5cm’s.

MINI Up to 71cm Up to 45cm
YEARLING Up to 91cm
Up to 53cm
SMALL 92cm to 97cm Up to 56cm
AVERAGE 98cm to  102cm Up to 61cm
LARGE  103cm to 112cm Up to 66cm
DRAFT  113cm to 127cm Up to 71cm


This Classic Leather Hybrid Horse Halter is available in the following colour:

  • Black Leather with Black Rope 
  • Brown (Dark Havanna) Leather with Cream Coloured Rope

If you are not sure on what size to order please call on 01434 422700


Classic Leather Hybrid Horse Halter – Made from the Finest Quality Materials but Affordable!


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