Cleantrax Horse Hoof Soaking Boot


Ideal for Soaking and Treatments for Horses Hooves.


A Cleantrax Horse Hoof Soaking Boot. Easy To Use and Ideal for Soaking and Treatments for Horses Hooves. Supplied in a Single Boot. Can be used on either Front or Hind Legs.

This Easy Cleantrax Horse Hoof Soaking Boot will make it so much easier for you to treat your horse if they need any soaking treatments. It is both tough heavy duty vinyl and flexible with 1 x easy fastening point as well as being lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.

  • This easy to use cleantrax hoof soaking boot will fit most horse hooves up to 8.5 inch diameter across the bottom.
  • The soaking boot stands at approximately 25″ tall.
  • The 1 x Strap on the top helps secure the CleanTrax Bag to the leg.
  • Can be used to treat thrush and abscesses when soaking with medication / treatments.
  • Reusable Hoof Soaking Boot.
  • Recommended for use when treating with the Cleantrax Deep Penetrating Hoof Cleanser.

Cleantrax Horse Hoof Soaking Boot A Must for Every Horse Owner or Stable Yard.


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