Save Edge Original Hoof Rasp


Versatile for a variety of climates and hoof quality.


A Save Edge Original Hoof Rasp. The Save Edge 14 rasp has been the industry standard for many years. It is famous because of unmatched sharpness and longevity.

The Save Edge Original Hoof Rasp features are as follows:

  • The Save Edge Original has a coarse side which is designed to remove material easily with smaller-sized teeth that feature an open structure to prevent clogging
  • Its particular design makes this rasp versatile for a variety of climates and hoof quality
  • The larger working surfaces make it easier for levelling and flattening of the hoof wall
  • The rasp side has a concentrated pattern with teeth which are smaller in size for ease of horn removal
  • The rasp has multiple forward blades with sharp edges for close hoof removal
  • The rasp combines overcuts for easy hoof removal that avoids clogging and is an ideal rasp for use in various conditions
  • With one side coarse for cutting through the hoof and the other finer to provide a clean finish, the Save Edge Original is an excellent all-purpose hoof rasp

Length: 350mm

Perfect in all conditions to make trimming hooves easy!


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