EPS 9lb Hoof Pads – Pair


Will really cushion out your horses hooves and are easy to apply.


A Pair of EPS 9lb Hoof Comfort Pads. The 9lb pads will fit most horses and are often used to cushion out laminitic / really footsore horses. They will really cushion out your horses hooves and are easy to apply. The comfort pads will fit inside hoof boots that are able to take a slightly thicker pad. Made from a unique polymer cushioning compound that absorbs shock and concussion.

The EPS 9lb Comfort Hoof Pads are soft and extra cushioning pads for your horse’s hooves.

EPS 9lb Hoof Pads are available in the following sizes: 

  • 229mm length x 229mm width x 25mm depth – Simply Cut the Comfort Pads to Size

Please note – Pads are only meant for temporary use and should not be left on for more than 72 hours at a time without being taken off and reapplied if necessary. Ideally when using pads for longer periods / rehabilitation, they should be checked daily as they can cause excessive moisture retention if left on for prolonged periods which can lead to softening of the sole and possibly an increase in hoof infections.

  • The pads can be cut to size and used in hoof boots that are able to take a slightly thicker pad.
  • Simply place the hoof boot on top, draw round and cut to size. Then slip in like an insole.


The EPS 9lb hoof comfort pads are a favourite cushioning tool for many barefoot trimmers!


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