Flex Spare Rivets Or Washer Packs


Simply attach to your existing Flex hoof boots to replace broken rivets or washers.


Various Spare Packs of Flex Hoof Boot Rivets or Washers. Simply attach to your existing Flex hoof boots to replace broken rivets or washers. Please see the additional images tab to see all the packs of rivets and washers available.

  • Flex Ball Rivets x 6 Pack – The Flex Hoof Boot has five ball rivets attached as part of the fastening system. The TPU gaiter that goes around the pastern has one ball rivet at the front for fastening the TPU gaiter strap, and there are two ball rivets on each side of the boot for the back strap to attach to. The ball rivets are secured with screws at the inside of the boot, with washers in between each rivet and screw. We recommend that you check the rivets regularly, to make sure they are not loose.
  • Flex Flat Rivets x 4 Pack – Flat rivets can be used to attach the back strap to the inside of the boot permanently. They are especially useful if your horse has a narrow gait and tends to brush feet to each other, which can cause the back straps to come undone when the standard ball rivets are used. Attaching the back strap with the flat rivets instead, and cutting off any extra strap beyond the rivet closure will ensure the strap stays closed. But keep in mind that it’s not quick to open the flat rivets once they are attached (you need a screwdriver to undo them), so make sure you get the fit right when putting the flat rivets on.
  • Flex Rivets x 8 Pack – Flex rivets are used to attach the TPU gaiter to the boot at the back. Sometimes, if the horse overreaches and steps on the boot, these rivets may break or get damaged. It’s easy to remove and replace the rivets though. You can use a drill or nippers to remove a damaged rivet and then replace it with a hammer, below is a link to a video to show you how to do this.
  • Flat Single Washers x 2 Pack – Single washers are used for the pastern strap under the ball rivet.
  • Flat Double Washers x 4 Pack – Double washers are used for the shell of the boot under the ball rivets.


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