Scoot ENDURO Bulb Strap Screw Pack


Fit All Scoot ENDURO Hoof Boots.


Scoot ENDURO Bulb Strap Screw Pack. Replace any broken screws or knob hooks on any Scoot ENDURO Hoof Boots.

The Spare Screw Packs fit All Scoot ENDURO Hoof Boots. The rear screws hold the ENDURO bulb straps securely in place. The rear screws are positioned lower and further back on the Enduro compared to the Scoot Boot’s higher and more forward knob hooks. The lower profile of the rear screws in this position minimizes the risk of catching. Once the correct fit is confirmed, Scoot recommend securing the rear screws with Loctite.

Each Spare Scoot ENDURO Bulb Strap Screw Pack contains:

  • 6 x knob hooks plus matching screws


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