Swiss Galoppers Full Pastern Gaiters – Pair


Easy to apply and lightweight.


A PAIR of SWISS GALOPPER FULL PASTERN GAITERS to easily attach to your Swiss Galopper Horse Hoof Boots. The SWISS GALOPPER Full Gaiters are sold in PAIRS and easy to apply and lightweight.

The Swiss Galopper Full Gaiters offer additional protection for sensitive horses, horses with low quarters or weak pasterns. The gaiters are manufactured with 6mm neoprene and on both sides coated with lasting nylon jersey. They are assembled with velcro straps to easily connect the gaiters to the Swiss Galopper hoof boots.

The Swiss Galopper Full Gaiters protect the heel area, fetlock and pastern so overall fully cover and cushion out the back area of the Swiss Galopper hoof boot.

The Swiss Galopper Full Pastern Gaiters are available in the following sizes: Simply choose the same size strap to match your size of Swiss Galopper Hoof Boots.

  • SG3 / SG4 / SG5 / SG3-L / SG4-L / SG5-L
  • SG6 / SG7 / SG8 / SG6-L / SG7-L / SG8-L
  • Black in Colour


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