ThinLine Busy Buddy – Horse Calmer


The ultimate horse calmer which can be used with your existing halter or bridle. 


ThinLine Busy Buddy – Horse Calmer. The ultimate horse calmer which can be used with your existing halter or bridle. 

What is the Busy Buddy Halter Version Horse Calmer?

  • To be used on most halters / headcollars.
  • Stops fretting and chewing of the rope when tied up.
  • Provides them with a relaxing toy during clipping and grooming.
  • Pacifies horses’ for the vet, without using sedatives.
  • Entertains horses during farrier / trimmer work.
  • Used while lunging when using a halter; encourages relaxation of the jaw and muscles over the back.

What is the Busy Buddy Bridle Version Horse Calmer?

  • Is specially designed to be used with a bridle and a bit.
  • Keeps horses from chewing on those expensive reins.
  • Entertains your horse while standing around at horse shows.
  • Lunging in a bridle? Add the Bridle Busy Buddy for more relaxation.

How does it work?

  • Historically we work our horses until they relax. Now we can relax our horses before beginning to work with them.
  • When horses are relaxed we can see gentle chewing or licking. ThinLine discovered that activating the jaw generates relaxation throughout the horse’s entire body and brain.
  • The Busy Buddy stimulates the relaxation process in all horses. We believe this is the most profound product for the health and well-being of horses introduced to the equestrian world.

What is the ThinLine Busy Buddy made of?

  • Made of industrial, hospital grade Latex tubing, ThinLine bit guards, elasticised rope, and 2 clips for the Halter Busy Buddy version or one clip and a ring for the Bridle Busy Buddy version.

Busy Buddy Halter and Bridle version sizes are as follows:

Busy Buddy Halter Version:

  • 18″ = 71.12cm in Length
  • 10″ = 25.4cm of Latex
  • One size fits all

Busy Buddy Bridle Version:

  • 19“ = 48.26cm in Length
  • 8″ = 20.32cm of Latex
  • One size fits all


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