Breathe Life Into Your Riding Book By Jenny Rolfe


Transform you riding with inspirational and innovative breathing techniques.


Breath Life Into Your Riding Book by Jenny Rolfe. Transform your riding with INSPIRATIONAL and INNOVATIVE BREATHING TECHNIQUES.

Inspired by the connection that breathing techniques can bring, this follow-up to Ride From the Heart is written to empower trainers, teachers and riders of all disciplines to connect with the horse and build a relationship built on trust and understanding. Breathing techniques facilitate self-control, calmness of mind, stability and energy, thus enhancing balance and harmony within your riding. Jenny Rolfe looks at the rider from top to toe and discusses where tension may be carried. She provides exercises to release restrictions caused by tension. These help the rider not only to ride in good posture and balance but also to cultivate a deep sense of connection and feel. Her training methods are designed to advance the athletic ability of the horse whilst cultivating a feeling of confidence, trust and enjoyment for both horse and rider.

Essential reading for all Horse Lovers!


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