Trickle Net Round Bale Net


Hay / Haylage Bales last longer due to less waste and slow feeding.


A Trickle Net Round Bale Net. The Trickle Net Round Bale Net will cover most large hay / haylage bales. Helps to slow greedy horses down whilst feeding either hay or haylage. 

The unique design of the Trickle Net Round Bale Net offers full coverage to most large hay / haylage bales, and cuts waste by up to 100%. The amazing large round bale net can double the time your bale lasts and cuts waste. With strong 35mm holes, its ideal for slow feeding multiple horses and can be used with round bale hay or haylage. Tailored to fit the bale and very easy to fit. The netting will not hold water and is totally weatherproof. Made with 35mm holes and fits round bales up to 152cm in diameter.

Ideal for horses living out 24/7 or on a track system. Small holes to restrict hay / haylage intake and reduce wastage. We recommend using the round bale net with UN SHOD horses / ponies or donkeys. We recommend you use a feeding ring if your horses are shod to prevent them catching a shoe in the netting. Made in the UK!

Using Trickle Nets saves you so much money on wasted forage, they also provide your horse with prolonged and controlled access to forage which brings many physical and mental health benefits. Grazing keeps your horse happy.

The netting material is a densely braided 2.5mm twine with 35mm holes. This gives control on waste and eating speed, but it is not overly restrictive.

The Trickle Net Round Bale Slow Feeder Net’s sizes are as follows:

  • Made from very strong 2.5mm rot proof braided polyethylene
  • Each hole is 35mm
  • Fits round bales up to 152cm in diameter

Available in the following colour:

  • Green


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