Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Soothes and relaxes your horses hardworking muscles.


Equilibrium Massage Mitt. Let your horse relax with the Equilibrium Massage Mitt for horses, humans or all animals. Offering comforting massage options, the massage mitt soothes and relaxes your horses hardworking muscles.

A quick and effective massage mitt which helps to promote relaxation, improve flexibility and muscle condition. For use on all muscle groups in the neck, quarters and hamstrings. Plus – the massage mitt is not just for horses. You can use it on yourself too!

The Equilibrium Massage Mitt is designed to help your horse with the following:

  • Helps to improve flexibility and promote relaxation
  • The choice is yours – pick from 3 different strengths of massage
  • Battery operated 10 minute sessions
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • Battery lasts for 12 high intensity settings
  • Alternating massage cycle in 3 levels of intensity
  • Larger massage surface area
  • Easy-to-hold lightweight design with new elasticated hand strap
  • New high performance battery and universal charger
  • Comes with a modern and practical sports holdall
  • Now with a 2 year warranty
  • Grey in Colour

The Equilibrium Massage Mitt has three different massage settings – LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH allowing you to choose the intensity of the massage for your horse. Within each program three different types of massage are used: pulsing, vibration and stroking, to ensure that the muscles are worked in different ways within every session for maximum benefit.

The Equilibrium Massage Mitt can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Equilibrium Back Massage Pad for an all over massage.


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