Bellota Pro+ Top Level Hoof Rasp


For perfect levelling balance and control.


Bellota Pro+ Top Level Rasp. The all-round rasp, for quick removal of hoof and has an excellent finish. 10% wider and 10% thinner than regular rasps, for perfect levelling balance and control.

The Top Level rasp, with the rasp side with aggressive teeth and the file side with fine teeth. It has a working surface of 14” and 8 wide teeth per row.

  • Ideal everyday rasp
  • Blade material = chromium alloy steel

For the matching Equithotics Rasp Handle that easily pushes onto the rasp end please click here

Length: 430mm (14″ working surface)

Width: 50mm

Thickness: 4.5mm

Number of teeth per row: 8


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