Equine Fusion Hoof Boot Stud Kit


Easy to install and remove and 1 x kit will cover a pair of Equine Fusion hoof boots.


An Equine Fusion Stud Kit. The Studs are easy to install and remove and 1 x kit will cover a pair of Equine Fusion hoof boots. The studs enable the Equine Fusion hoof boots to get excellent grip in wet conditions, snow and ice. 

It is always recommended to use a Equine Fusion Hoof Boot Pad inside each hoof boot whilst using the studs to ensure a comfortable ride for your horse and the best duration of the sole and studs.

These Studs will fit ALL models of Equine Fusion Hoof Boots and most other models of hoof boots as well. 

One Equine Fusion Stud Kit is made for 1 Pair of Hoof Boots and consists of the following…

  • 30 x studs
  • 1 x tool for installing studs
  • Flyer with fitting instructions

Please note – these studs will fit ALL hoof boots. 


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