Scoot ENDURO Gaiter Pack – PAIR


They cushion the back bulb strap and protect your horses upper heel bulbs.


A Pair of Scoot ENDURO Gaiters. The Scoot ENDURO Gaiters are made from tough wearing neoprene and are black in colour.  

The Scoot ENDURO Gaiters easily attach to your existing scoot ENDURO hoof boots by a simple velcro closing system. They cushion the back bulb strap and protect your horses upper heel bulbs. Most horses will not require the Scoot ENDURO Gaiters but they are ideal for everyday riding / endurance / long distance riding or for horses and ponies that have very sensitive skin.

The Scoot ENDURO Gaiters features are as follows: 

  • One Size fit all sizes of Scoot ENDURO hoof boots.  
  • Supplied as 1 x PAIR – (Enough ENDURO Gaiters to make up 2 x Scoot ENDURO Hoof Boots).


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